Up About Me

Wildlife & Equine Art  & Photography

TK's work has attracted a variety of private collectors across the United States and worldwide, with International connoisseurs including citizens of Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.  Individuals who own these works are people from all walks of life, from executives and private business owners to teachers and fellow artists, with a strong emphasis on collectors within the entertainment industry.  A short list of collectors includes rocker Bruce Springsteen; the original "Phantom of The Opera" stage star Michael Crawford; film producer Ray Stark;  William "Smokey" Robinson; Richard Hatch, star of "All My Children", "Streets of San Francisco" and both "Battlestar Galacticas"; Jacques Medecin, former Mayor of Nice, France; Dr. Reiner Klimke, Individual Gold Medalist in Dressage for Germany in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics; Sheldon Bull, Executive Producer of the television series "Coach" (a commissioned work;) Dan Barbakow, Esq., a remarkable attorney to the stars currently practicing in Brentwood, California; Bill Holm, eminent authority on Northwest Coast Art and Curator Emeritus of the Burke Museum in Seattle, Steve Taub, Porsche/Audi Dealer and Racehorse owner, Santa Monica; Tiu Leek, Broadcaster, Santa Monica, and Don Ricardo, of former NBC Orchestra fame who was later renowned worldwide as Mr. Gullwing for his famous collection of Concours d' Elegance level collection of very early and vintage Mercedes Benzes, one of which set a speed record at Bonneville.

TK attained a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art in 1980, and has worked as an artist intermittently for 33 years, first finding recognition in 1974 for a bronze purchased by the Los Angeles County Horse Show Exhibitors Association as a perpetual trophy.  A commission by Alan Forbes (Forbes Magazine) resulted in the production of a 2/3-life size wolf sculpture, and more recently a character from Sleeping Beauty in bronze for Disney.   The portrait of Grand Prix Dressage Horse "Cassius" was commissioned for the cover of a book authored by his owner.  Favored media are acrylic and oil on canvas, bronze sculpture and photography.  A published photographer, TK supplied a full-page photo of Michael Crawford for his last musical tour. Work has been exhibited in galleries and museums from Florida to Hawaii, and in London, England; and in Invitational Only art shows across the country.  The artist currently holds the unofficial record for living artist with the largest number of bronze sculptures stolen from the most galleries in the shortest period of time.